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At The Bridge Venture, we love our online training programs, but to dig very deep into an organization, we must actually be at your organization day-in and day-out consulting. We want work with you you and see the operations to find the ROOT causes of your pain in regards to your employee engagement strategy, team motivation, team engagement, and culture development.

Every organization has critical issues that are overlooked because we continue to fix symptoms, not root causes. We find all of those root causes that are dragging down a process, demotivating employees, or causes a stop in growth and revenue, through our employee engagement consulting.

We have creatively put our heads together for some ideas and pricing to help you understand what your project may cost. But most of all, the peace-of-mind that comes along with your package and project is priceless because you get our experienced minds right inside your organization.


John has over 25 years in coaching and training in leadership, employee engagement, culture development, and psychology. Angelique has over 20 years in coaching and training in process improvement, employee engagement, employee survey action planning, team motivation, operations, business management and employees. Their combined expertise is unmatched.
Passion & Compassion
Not only must the client have both of these but so must the consultants. The client care so much about their organization that they understand the need for change and understand the price of results. The consultants must also be just as passionate about results & outcomes. That is a perfect mix...that is The Bridge Venture Employee Engagement Consulting Firm.
Strong Traits
The consultants must have very strong traits. Both John and Angelique have traits such as listening, comprehension, emotional intelligence and keen mindset, integrity, passion, compassion, focused, perseverance, diligence, helping attitude, leadership behaviors, intensity, knowledge, detail & process oriented, and strong character.
Right Price
We know how much it would cost for an organization to 1) hire a full time culture development and employee engagement leader plus team 2) train all of their leadership team on a continual basis the vision and strategy and 3) maintain the corporate culture and vision. John and Angelique have both worked in corporations both for profit and non-profit. We are so irritated with the decline of culture & engagement, and see the GROSS need for this in organizations today. We aren't about to stoop to any levels to rob anyone.
You have our promise that we are not going to run from your issues. They could be stacked to the ceiling of your organization and we will take it on full force. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is what we promise and we won't give up if you don't.

Your employees, your organization, your products/services, your brand, your clients/customers, your vendors and 3rd party partners, your processes, your systems, and your goals NEED this change. You need employee engagement consulting. Believe us - we need you to believe in our abilities and yours!


We love getting our hands dirty and getting into any organization, any size. Our expertise is auditing and investigating an organization, all the way down the bones. It is important for us understand every piece of an organization including; history and story, people, environment, vision, mission, core values, strategies, goals, systems, processes, layout, and tasks. This employee engagement consulting will change your organization completely, including your profits!

Let us monitor behaviors of any employee or management team member - let you know if they are a good fit. We give suggestions for training or removal.

We train your management staff to manage employees based on your culture and vision. We make sure their training style is consistent and performance based.

See us help organizations align all processes, procedures, and systems with their vision, mission, core values, strategy, and goals for optimum productivity.

Let's look at your operations and find where culture can take you to the next step for productivity and revenue. We have surveys to measure employee engagement as well.

Space actually helps in the productivity and performance area. Employees that can work more cohesively will be more productive, let's take a look for simple changes!

Is money flying out the door with employee turnover and acquisition costs? We can show you how to have an organizations employees want to work for!


We will build the right employee engagement consulting or culture development/organizational culture development or change management package based on your needs, your project, your organizations size, and the timeline. We will need for you to set up a discovery session with us on the phone to go over your story and the issues inside the organization. This session could take around 2-4 hours depending on the size of your organization. This discovery session is FREE of charge! We look forward to working with you. In the meantime, here are our consulting package options to think about.
- How many employees do you have?
- What is the size of your organization & annual revenue?
- Are your current issues company-wide or departmental?
- Do your current issues affect employees or processes?
- Are your current issues behavioral or process oriented?
- How many hours would this project take?
- Do we need to travel to you or not?
- What is your desired outcome of the consulting project?
- What are your creation vs. implementation needs?
- Is this project an hourly or fixed price project?
- What other add on services may be needed?
Our consulting fees start at $250 an hour depending on the project complexity and location with a minimum of 10 hours for your first consulting project. We see a typical investment of $10,000 for first-time clients.

All of our customers enjoy flexible models that fit their needs:

Fixed bid – for projects with appropriately defined requirements. Under this model, we estimate the level of effort and we provide a quote for the project. Changes to the scope will require a change order. If the project requirements are not sufficient to determine the level of effort, our clients can do the additional work needed or can hire us.

Block of hours – for projects without sufficient requirements or clients who want ongoing support for various projects with or without a detailed scope. We work with clients to develop a project plan based on their goals with rough estimates for various milestones. However, actual billable hours may be higher or lower than the original estimate. Client will receive a detailed breakdown monthly of how hours are used. A minimum block of 50 hours is required, which is valid for up to one year.


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