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As we watch the news and watch our organizations; we can see there is a definite problem with employees engaging in the workplace (or NOT we should say). There are alarming statistics regarding employee engagement (or the lack of), and how that affects an organization’s bottom line.

Like the saying “Happy wife, happy life,” the same goes inside an organization. “HAPPY EMPLOYEE, HAPPY WORKPLACE!” Why is it that we treat employees like expenses on our payroll, than the awesome assets that we hired for their talent and skills?

Bridging the GAP inside an organization between the employee and the business strategy is the way to increase engagement, productivity, performance, and overall revenue. Isn’t that the goal? Do you understand employee engagement? Employee engagement is driven by behaviors of leadership, the effectiveness of processes and procedures, and the morale of the company. Low employee engagement tanks your productivity and revenue. It leads to higher employee turnover and employee retention costs that are above industry statistics.

We say that culture is an inexpensive way to attract and retain the most impressive talent in the industry. Of course, wages need to align with industry standards, but many employees will stay with their company if they love it and their boss.


The statistics are alarming in the industry. Gallup, Culture Amp, and other large firms concentrate heavily on surveys revolving around collecting data regarding employee engagement. On our industry statistics page, we have some mind blowing stats for you to check out!

But other then the statistics, the way your employees act, their behaviors, their attitudes, the morale, their performance levels and productivity metrics, and their communication are triggers to employee engagement. Are employees in a good mood or not? Are employees happy at work or not? Are employees producing effectively or not? These are simple questions and have simple answers if the management team just observes for a bit.

Most of all, the employees will also reflect the same behaviors from the management team – so if we think it is all the employees, take a closer look! Your management team may be the ones rubbing off on the team!


We wanted to provide you with some articles about employee engagement published through the year.
Check them out by clicking the buttons below, everyone is talking about employee engagement!


Well, here are some statistics to make you think twice about the importance of employee engagement inside your organization! We created this info-graphic for you to share with others inside and outside your organization. You are more than welcome to download it to your computer.

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Employee Retention Savings Inside Any Organization

  • Develop a Working Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Create an “I want to work here” Brand
  • Compensation Strategies
  • Collective Vision & Purpose
  • Motivate Employees & Teams
  • Visible Inspiring Leadership
  • Access to Measurable Data
  • Transparency With Communication
  • Easy Flexible Work Spaces
  • Community Involvement
  • Empowered Decision Making
  • Rebuild & Announce New Culture
  • Problem Solving vs. Decision Making
  • Career Skills Improvement by Mindset
Coaching Is Our Passion

For Years, we have been mentors and role models to hundreds of employees and management teams from small to large organizations.

Now we have created our best selling quick start program “The Bridge,” an 8-Week course designed for organization leaders, business owners, managers, and employee alike to learn all necessary techniques to create, implement, and maintain culture inside the organization.

This program we have put together will take any employee and help them understand the concept of connecting company culture to the day-to-day activity of their jobs. It will also innovate any manager or leader to look at their current culture and truly call for change. This will help you get your culture journey started on the right foot!


We love getting our hands dirty and getting into any organization, any size. Our expertise is auditing and investigating an organization, all the way down the bones. It is important for us understand every piece of an organization including; history and story, people, environment, vision, mission, core values, strategies, goals, systems, processes, layout, and tasks.

We can monitor behaviors of any employee or management team member – let you know if they are a good fit. We give suggestions for training or removal.

We train your management staff to manage employees based on your culture and vision. We make sure their training style is consistent and performance based.

We help organizations align all processes, procedures, and systems with their vision, mission, core values, strategy, and goals for optimum productivity.

Let’s look at your operations and find where culture can take you to the next step for productivity and revenue. We have surveys to measure employee engagement as well.

Space actually helps in the productivity and performance area. Employees that can work more cohesively will be more productive, let’s take a look for simple changes!

Is money flying out the door with employee turnover and acquisition costs? We can show you how to have an organizations employees want to work for!

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