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Others we have served, worked with, helped transform, and know us are very important to us. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible on our journey. We absolutely love what we do, but even more, we love everyone that we have met and they have touched our lives so much. Our main focus for the rest of our lives is to continue hearing more stories, helping more organizations and individuals, and turn this world into a better place to work and be! Here are some stories and testimonials of people who know us well and we have worked with through our journeys.
stock-1Paul Herrin
Syncom Space Services & UAW Local 1921
Chairman of Bargaining Committee New Orleans, LA

"I've known Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier since 2014. Angelique is an awesome mentor and leadership coach. Angelique's skills as a mentor and her knowledge in leadership are immeasurable. The time, effort and dedication she gives to those who are either in business with her or who hire her can't be matched. Her passion for developing culture is seen in her super high powered program.
Angelique is best in difficult, messed up, and problematic areas. She thrives when the pressure is on to turn a company's culture around. Angelique's very effective personal style gives her the ability to see how, when, and where a company can turn their culture around for the better. I have a tremendous personal and professional respect for Angelique, and sincerely believe she will bring her high powered energy, passion and unique creativity to you or your business.
Angelique's mentor skills, leadership, and The Bridge Venture program have my full endorsement. Angelique is very detailed oriented and will produce amazing results for your company. You can't go wrong teaming up with Angelique and her awesomeness in Business Culture."
stock-4Dr. Doug Nuenke
US President, Navigators
Colorado Springs, CO

"If leadership is best assessed by looking at who is following - John Hatfield is a leader. He influences out of a spirit of vulnerability and as a principle-centered leader. I have had the opportunity to be led by and to lead John - both experiences were highlights.

His winsomeness, relational skills, and insightfulness into people allow him to lead, promote, and recruit naturally and with significant effect. John leads with a developmental bias and each person that works with him feels valued and affirmed in the process.”
stock-1Chris White
CEO at Top Recruiter Academy & Extraordinary Society
Denver, CO

"Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier is a world class leader and champion for excellence. After watching Angelique magnetically lead a room full of top leaders from the stage at a national event I was immediately convinced I needed to find a place for her on my team.
As a consultant to our company she became the de facto vice president of culture development and engagement for the global organization of entrepreneurs we are entrusted to train and mentor. After only a few short months working together Angelique quickly became the MVP of our entire company. She was truly the glue and the force of insight that helped us move through exponential growth, while maintaining a standard of excellence.
She became so valuable, in fact, that I entrusted the entire operation of our company to her to poke around in and offer feedback. This allowed me to watch her shine in her gifting of coaching our clients on weekly training workshops, which consistently received five star raving reviews. One of Angelique’s greatest accomplishments for our company was helping us mastermind a training program that now empowers our clients to develop proper mindset and mental toughness for survival in the entrepreneurial environment.
Angelique’s integrity is impeccable. Her work ethic is second-to-none. Her ability to deliver results is rare. If you’re looking for an A-player to lead your organization, your team, or you individually to the next level in the area of cultural development, employee engagement or mindset then Angelique is your choice. Her strategic wisdom, critical thinking skills and passion for excellence makes her the perfect catalyst for any organization or individual seeking a breakthrough."
stock-4Mike Havenstein
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Campus Director, Navigators
Lincoln, Nebraska

"Without a doubt, one of the highlights of my fifteen years in full-time ministry has been working under the direction and authority of John Hatfield. He is every bit the leader, recruiter, trainer, motivator and barrier-buster that you could hope for in a supervisor. He thinks so strategically and communicates the vision so passionately that you can’t help but find yourself doing anything within your power to see him, yourself, and the entire team succeeds. John cares not just about the immediate task at hand, but about developing the skills and gifts of the people within his organization in an effort to build them as tomorrow’s leaders.

In fact, he creates an environment of trust with whoever he is around by seeking first to understand and then to be understood. As a result, John (originally) built a ministry out of nothing, and grew it to impacting at least 400+ students directly year after year, with a ripple effect to tens of thousands others across the US and world. It has been an honor and privilege to work with and under John Hatfield.”
stock-2Sue Kalcevic
Customer Service Manager, Valent Biosciences, Inc.
Chicago, IL

"Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier is a very organized and well versed in any job she has ever done. She gets along with all levels of colleagues and leadership. Angelique is extremely conscientious of all aspects of her job and company objectives. She has an overall understanding of the big picture of business at all companies she has worked. I truly have enjoyed working with Angelique and would love to work with her again in the future (in a heartbeat)."
stock-4Nelson Musipa
National Director of Navigator’s Zambia
Zambia, South Africa

"John has recruited university students from the US several times for trips to Zambia. John is able to relate to, mentor, and train Zambian students on leadership and personal development. He also connected well with Zambian’s who are poor and live in slums, teaching them useful skills to enable them to become more self-sustaining. John has an ability to adapt to any situation. He is a people person who is willing to learn and accommodate other people’s views. I have lived in his home and
have and appreciated the fact that he treated me as a brother. He has a great heart for Africa and its people!"
stock-3Raphael Strzelecki, Esq.
Owner & Attorney, RDS Law Offices, LLC
Chicago, IL

"Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier has done many projects for my business at RDS Law Offices in the past 2 years to help me get organized. She has built my entire accounting system for me, restructured my social media and website, and also restructured and organized my office and process flows. I am very pleased with the professionalism Angelique carries about herself when jumping into a project.

I am thankful for Angelique's resourcefulness, intensity (in a good way), clear focus, and diligence. She has to be one of the most focused person I have ever met with regards to project management and objectives. She is goal-oriented and concise. I have seen her in action coaching her students on a daily basis and she really enjoys helping others. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of business. I have seen Angelique consult and coach with many different business organizations and individuals. I would highly recommend her to anyone or any organization in need of help and clean up. She is your leader!"
stock-4Stephen Lacy
Chairman & CEO at Meredith Corp.
Des Moines, IA

"I am writing this letter in reference to John Hatfield, who I have been associated with personally and professionally for my entire adult life.
John has tremendous skill and insight in major culture change activities. He has the skill to quickly but carefully evaluate the situation and plot a well-defined course of action to get the organization moving in the right direction.
In addition, John has a great deal of experience with leadership development and training, especially with a group of organizational leaders or officers that need to develop common goals and successfully execute to move the organization forward.
Finally, John has a strong personal and professional reputation in the marketplace and always operates with the highest level of ethical standards. He is a caring professional who invests a significant amount of time mentoring others and helping them determine their career paths.
Please reach out to me directly if I can be of any further assistance or provide additional information on John’s professional skills and capabilities."
stock-4DJ McCord
Owner, DJ McCord Marketing
Indianapolis, IN

"One of my greatest experiences has been the opportunity to work on a team under Angelique’s leadership. Working with Angelique is quite enjoyable, and always a learning experience. She embodies the characteristics of a great leader, including excellent organizational skills, a genuine caring for people, and character that is beyond reproach. I have personally experienced Angelique building a huge team, and leading them to success.
Angelique is a fine trainer, as well as a tremendous leader. She understands and demonstrates that the best way to ensure the success of her team is by helping each of her team members succeed. She does this through her superior skills in coaching and mentoring. She not only possesses the knowledge and wisdom to share with those she is training and coaching, but also the teaching skills to transfer that knowledge, and the sincere desire to see every one of her team members grow and succeed. She is a great mentor and role model.
Another area in which Angelique has a unique insight is that of the development of organizational cultures. She has a deep understanding of the components and nuances of cultures within organizations, and has created strategies and approaches to actually build positive, powerful cultures. I have personally witnessed, and benefited from, her doing just that.
Angelique also excels at project management. She possesses a keen grasp of the mechanics of taking a project from initiation to closing. More importantly, she has a rare talent with the more subtle, and difficult aspect of managing projects – that of directing and motivating her people toward project success. This is another area in which she has taught and mentored others to achieve the level of mastery that she has attained. It is also another example of how she measures her own success by the success of others. Angelique will excel in any position that involves the directing and managing an organization. I would enthusiastically recommend her for any such position, and I know that any organization would benefit enormously from her presence.
stock-4Chris White
CEO at Top Recruiter Academy & Extraordinary Society
Denver, CO

"John Hatfield is an extraordinarily gifted leader. As a decorated military officer, top rated professor of leadership and mentor to over 30,000 business owners, I can say with confidence that John Hatfield is the one percent of the one percent. A few key strengths really jump off the page for me with John. The first is his ability to quickly and intuitively sense the culture of an organization and where misalignment exists from its stated mission. John’s diverse global experience with organizations and teams empowers him to bring deep wisdom that always hits the mark with required cultural shifts that bring an organization back into a position where it can lead in the marketplace and on mission from its greatest place of power.
John’s knack for doing this is uncanny and truly a gift, but that’s only where it starts, because John shines the brightest in his ability to empower organizational leaders and its teams to implement at the highest level on his strategic insights. John creates cultural change to near perfection because of the platform of personal integrity by which he lives by. This platform allows him to build credibility fast with those he’s leading that then paves the way for one of his greatest gifts, which is that of mentoring. John has a keen sense of team dynamics. This sense allows him to know whether to offer a challenging and attention grabbing mentorship style or a firm hand holding style that empowers those he’s been entrusted to lead with the confidence and clarity they need to execute at the highest level.
The best way I can describe John’s gifting in totality is that it’s like watching a masterful conductor direct his symphony understanding with exact precision where every instrument should enter and exit and at what level of tonality and pitch in order to create what the composer of the music intended, much like what a mission and vision statement would be to an organization. John has been the MVP of every team I’ve witnessed him a part of, which is dozens and dozens over the 18 years I’ve known him. It’s John’s leadership that I directly attribute to the winning culture I’ve built inside three successful businesses. If you only have the ability to pick one person to lead your organization in a cultural change initiative or you're an organizational leader that needs some 1-on-1 mentoring, then John is your guy. Period."
stock-4Meredith Foster
Logistics Manager at Valent BioSciences Corp
Chicago, IL

"Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier is very diligent in all that she was responsible for inside business. She supervised several Customer Service Representatives and was very detailed and methodical in her training and support of their work. Angelique was very process oriented and wrote procedures to assist others in understanding how something worked. She was very systems oriented. Personally she was very pleasant to work with and was able to communicate effectively across all levels within the organization."
stock-4Rudy Ristich
Director, MSS Services Dell SecureWorks &
National President, Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity
Chicago, IL

"I highly recommend John Hatfield. I have known John for nearly 5 years as he began consulting on chapter development programming for Beta Sigma Psi National Lutheran Fraternity. John has been an outstanding partner and mentor not only to myself but other leaders in our organization. Aligning organizational activities with stated values is a core principal in leadership and John has been effective working with our young men to strengthen their groups by living out our values daily, thereby attracting better prospects to our fraternity and improving the collegiate experience the men build for themselves.

John has worked on recurring program development, most successful of which is our Leadership Summit which occurs every summer at Denver University’s field station outside of Mt. Evans. Our best young leaders from around the country gather to participate in the retreat which allows them to disconnect, challenge themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally thereby improving their ability to lead other and cultivate an environment of high ideals and purposeful living. I’ve most enjoyed John’s pedagogical technique of allowing the participant to reflect privately on a topic, embark on a challenging learning activity and conclude by sharing their new insights in a collective.

John’s delivery in a group setting is strong and he engages young men better than anyone I have observed in my career. In private conversations John is compassionate and calm and gives very sound advice from a non-judgmental perspective. In small teams that have been dysfunctional, John is able to quickly root out dissenting behavior and guide leaders toward committing to difficult decisions.
John is well equipped to handle adversity and challenging situations and drive changes in failing cultures. His teaching ability, empathetic relatability and strong integrity prepare him magnificently for consulting any company. I strongly endorse John."
stock-4Timothy Hagler, CMRP
Senior Supply Chain Leader, Healthcare
Seattle, WA

"Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier is a mission-driven leader that builds great multi-channel relationships, and takes ownership of all her influences and accountabilities. As we worked together, I was inspired by her sense of community and the importance of a healthy market-based network in business. When this woman speaks, listen! She knows what's best in taking anyone's leadership experience to the next level."
stock-4Okorie Kalu,
Director of English West Africa Zone, Navigators Africa
West Africa

"John Hatfield is a thinker. He is a strategist and thinks strategically and is very capable of communicating and developing this in others. He is very relational and a born recruiter. He winsomely gets others on board in projects he leads by his abilities to get others to see and buy into the values and issues therein. He is a visionary leader who contagiously casts visions and draws those he leads into them. John functions perfectly as a personal one to one trainer, coach and mentor. Lastly he is an astute project designer and leader and has over and over again raised large sums of money to execute world class projects."
stock-4Michael Flowers
Inbound Supervisor Providence Consolidated Service Center
Seattle, WA

"Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier is the most detail-oriented manager I have ever worked with. She is very organized and thorough with every task she undertakes. Angelique is very compassionate about her employees and very passionate about her mission and vision.

Angelique will be an asset to any team she leads and will be very successful at whatever position she chooses to take. Angelique knows the ins and outs of distribution center management and is one of the most budget minded individuals I have ever worked with. Any company should consider themselves proud to have a wonderful person like Angelique on their staff."
stock-4Bob Sather
Midwest Divisional Leader, Navigators
Omaha, NE

"John Hatfield is an exceptionally gifted leader and motivator. Over 10 years I watched as he took a campus organization from almost nothing to the “poster campus” of our organization. As his supervisor for almost 10 years, I consistently watched quality men and women thrive and mature under his leadership. He recruited, cast vision and implemented with genuine warmth and competence. "
stock-4Tahir Ahmed
Finance Supervisor at AbbVie
Chicago, IL

"I have worked with Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier on multiple projects at a prior company and found her to be a mission-driven leader that builds great relationships along the way. She takes ownership of all her responsible area of work.

As I had struggled with my newly created team, I often sought her advice and it worked! She brought some great workable solutions to the table. I once requested Angelique to lead a project independently and she completed from the beginning to the end with some great recommendations. She is a leader! I highly recommend Angelique for any project you have in business!"
stock-4Dane Stewart
Student, Kansas State University & SIGMA Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Recruitment Chair
Manhattan, KS

"I have a story about John Hatfield. The skills and qualifications required in leadership are large in number and variety. No one is born a true leader. While they may have some of the abilities required for leadership, there are always areas in which a person can improve. For myself, I lacked in the ability to effectively trust and communicate with the people I worked with. Growing up, I was always the person that would take over group projects and do the majority of the work by myself.
So when I took over as recruitment chair, I approached it in the same manner. I failed, and the team failed, multiple times in a row, and I reached the point of frustration. When working with John in small group meetings or 1-on-1, the way that he approached the meeting forced me to openly communicate with him, as well as other members of the recruitment team. We talked through open scenarios dealing with parents and recruits, and how to approach different situations. Much like a marketing consultant or a salesman for a company would do when selling their product to a customer.
Having a mature conversation with a mentor who will be realistic with you was huge when I was put into a situation in the real world that was similar to a scenario we had talked through. This is where trust plays into the development process. I had to trust that the advice and information John was giving me would work, and I had to trust that my team under me would do the same. Once the communication had reached the appropriate level, and the trust within the team and with John had reached the right level, the team was unstoppable.
It wasn’t just about the team’s success though, my own leadership abilities had reached a new level. I go into situations with confidence in my communication abilities, and I trust that my peers will have my back, and I never would have done that before. These skills, taught to me by John, will continue to play a role in my development as a man, and for the rest of my life in my employment opportunities. "
stock-4Donna Favaloro
Finance Manager at YWCA
Batavia, NY

"I have known Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier since 2014, and she is an incredible business and leadership coach!

It should go without saying that, and she is a remarkable leadership talent, with an eye for not only growing her traditional business, but also seeking out opportunities to help others in their businesses.

Angelique has always taken her role seriously and is passionate about her results. Beyond her passion on driving performance, Angelique is a natural mentor, and fights hard for her beliefs. She’s at her best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. She has a very effective personal style, and will be looked to for continued executive leadership.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Angelique, and sincerely belief she will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to you or your organization. She has my highest endorsement. "
stock-4Justin Rodriguez
President of Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity, University of Missouri
Kansas City, MO

"I have had the pleasure of knowing John Hatfield since my freshman year of college through his work as the leadership development head of Beta Sigma Psi national fraternity. From the first time I heard John talk address our group, I knew he had a true gift. That gift was inspiring others to truly be the best they could be. From my personal experience, John has helped tremendously in inspiring me to be the best I can be. He has taught me more about leadership through his discussions of personal experiences than any leadership book there is out there. He has pushed me to achieve, and helped me to become the president of my organization.

What separates John Hatfield from the average man is something that is hard to find these days; genuine passion. He is one of the most authentic people I have met in my life. To John, the relationship with the individual comes first and foremost. He is a man of passion, a man of character, and a man dedication. His ability to relate, understand, and inspire are what stand out to me when I think of John. It has been a pleasure working with a man who values integrity and making the most any and every situation. John is a man I hold in high regard."
stock-4AJ Retreat Salon
Owners: Agnes Strzelecki & Joanna Dymowski
Wilmette, IL

"We have had the absolute pleasure to hire Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier to completely audit our business and draw out a business plan for changes to our salon. We felt we needed not only a revamp of our business, but a set of eyes to kick our business up a notch.

Angelique picked apart our business, our partnership, our finances, our esthetics, and our marketing. We were very pleased by the tons of changes Angelique made to better our business and refresh our culture and engagement as a partnership. She treated us both fairly and professionally. She listened to us individually and then required I to listen to each other together. This miraculously changed our culture of working together and working with our employees. We now have a more solid partnership and organization.

We would recommend The Bridge Venture consulting for ANY BUSINESS having struggles with relationships, employee engagement, morale, bickering, and communication. Angelique really understands how to deal through these issues and get to the root cause. Thank you Angelique - we will never forget!"
stock-4Monica Strathman
House Director at Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
Manhattan, KS

"It is my pleasure to recommend John Hatfield as an educator and developer of students particularly in the area of leadership development. John and I have worked together in multiple capacities since becoming colleagues in 2011. I first came to know John when he was hired as the assistant director of Kansas Campus Compact (KSCC), an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the purpose of higher education in educating and developing responsible and engaged citizens. Kansas Campus Compact was hosted by the Kansas State University and embedded within the Staley School of Leadership Studies where I serve as the business manager. While he was the assistant director of KSCC, he was also a co-instructor for LEAD 350: Culture and Context, a course requirement for the leadership studies minor. Since then, I have had the good fortune of serving alongside John as the house director of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (SAE) to which John is an alum and the chapter adviser.

John is extremely passionate about student and leadership development and I admire his ability to connect with students in a way that promotes trust and fosters learning. John sets high standards but because of the relationships he builds with students, they are eager to meet those standards. The men of SAE struggled for years which was reflected in many of the various aspects that make up Greek life including their collective GPA, regularly placing in the bottom third of all fraternities. But when John stepped in as the chapter adviser, he was able to guide the chapter through changes that addressed the fundamental issues causing low grades, among other things, to earning the fourth place spot.

Change is difficult especially cultural change. It requires patience, persistence, and keeping true to the higher standard. Because of the relationships John built with the leaders in the fraternity, he was able to utilize his talents to work with them in developing their leadership skills in order to generate buy-in of the fraternity's values and make the changes needed to meet their goals. I'm most impressed with John's many talents and the passion he has for the work he does. I have learned and continue to learn from John. Not only is he a valuable colleague, he is a good friend."
stock-4Liz Cadena
Supply Chain Sr Analyst at Providence Health & Services
Seattle, WA

"The successful start-up of our LLC warehouse, was largely attributed to Angelique’s leadership, organization and day-to-day management of the warehouse Operations staff. During a very stressful and challenging time, her passion, expertise and dedication contributed to a very successful start-up and thriving business. I’m grateful for guidance and professionalism she provided to me."
stock-4Alex Trimpe
Assistant Instructor at Indiana University Bloomington
Bloomington, IN

"During my time as an undergraduate, John Hatfield has had a profound effect on the way I have grown as a man. The numerous coaching in leadership and the opportunities he has helped me obtain have been unmeasurable in how they have helped me in my confidence and abilities. He is himself, an incredible speaker, coach, storyteller, mentor, and leader. Not only that, but he is humble, a great listener, and a motivator. Our success in our fraternity recruitment rise was in direct correlation to John heightening our strengths as a team and helping us goal set, plan, and execute a precise plan of action on improving our growth. I cannot thank John enough for all he has done for me and the friendship we have made."
Jo Clark
Singer/Songwriter - Nashville Music City Center
Houston, TX

"I've had such a great experience with Angelique! She's taught me so many things, from small details, to bigger picture re-framing. I'd highly recommend her for any Coaching and definitely for Online training!"

Michelle Suslee
Coach - Fast Start Marketer
Nokomis, IL

"It's a privilege to work alongside Angelique. As a coach, she brings some amazing skills to the table, from her corporate background and her extensive knowledge of Wordpress too how she interacts with her students is impressive!
Love what you're doing here with The Bridge Venture! You're a Rock Star!"

Tamika Ali-Yerima
Business Owner
Silver Spring, MD

"Angelique is a phenomenal woman and coach, I’m grateful she was my coach. In fact I looked forward to our one on one sessions. She was easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and was always excited! She deeply cares about your success and always passed along great tips for success. You're in good hands with her!"

Vicki Peperak
Business Owner
Cayuga, IN

"Angelique is Awesome! I was a true beginner when we met. She was very patient with me and able to explain things in a way I could easily understand. She was always only a phone or text away when I had a question or a problem. I would recommend Angelique to anyone wanting to build business. She has been there and is wonderful at sharing her extensive knowledge."
stock-4K. Luke Wendt
Insurance Agent at New York Life Insurance Company
Minneapolis, MN

"Summer 2013 I took a sociology course under Mr. John Hatfield. This was an eye-opening experience connecting with many different individuals in a way I hadn't experienced before. John was highly effective at not only teaching sociology from a book but by offering a way to teach hands on. He brought together an entire class ~ with each of us learning from another."

stock-4Tom Carroll
President and Chief Executive Officer at Tiburon Systems LLC
Olympia, WA

"Angelique is a highly-intelligent and insightful professional. She has advanced project management and relationship skills, a combination not often found in executives. She is delightful to work with and is an outstanding consultant."
Khalid Ismail
Business Owner & Trainer
Montreal, Quebec

"I had many great coaches over the past few years. I promise you Angelique is amongst my favorite coaches. Before working with her, I was a mess trying to learn how to build my online business. The last 3 years I have been learning marketing and sales strategies. I was going through coaches every 2-3 months until I met Angelique. She's been my coach the past year, and I can't thank her enough. She lit up my faith in myself, boosted my confidence, understood my goals, keeps me accountable, answers all my questions, but more importantly has taught me how to make money online with my products and services! I'm finishing up building my business as a personal trainer, and the tactics I'm using for my local market has already created a buzz for my online program. I can't wait to launch it! Thank you, my friend!"

Indraneel Samaddar
Business Owner
Austin, TX

"Angelique is a great coach! Her understanding of the problems and the way to solve them are unique to a level I haven't seen before. she has exemplary organization skills, and I have implemented some of those in my own work life. thanks for everything Angelique!"

Carlos Caballero
Business Owner & Coach
El Paso, TX

"I'm one of Angelique's students in a program designed for up and coming entrepreneurs and I must say she is absolutely awesome! Very smart, driven and a great listener, I've learned a lot from Angelique and look forward to building the relationship for future endeavors. She has a ton of experience and wisdom to share and is willing to do so out of the kindness of her heart. I wish her the best and highly recommend her work to any business in need."

stock-4Kevin Christophersen
Associate Chair Communication & Media Innovation/Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago, IL

"As an educator and Associate Chair, I would have hired John Hatfield the day I met him. I have only had the pleasure of knowing John in a friendship capacity, but he someone I can trust and rely on anytime. He is that one person who will listen, absorb and provide remarkable insight.

He is a lifelong learner and voracious reader. Therefore, his knowledge base is expansive, yet he knows how to simply complex concepts so that they are easily understood. He is a strategic thinker and knows how to execute ideas. Creative thinking is one of his strengths and this is vital in developing educational and leadership modules.

John is centered and one feels at ease while speaking to him. The level of concentrated focus John provides is unparalleled. Finally, John one of the best mentors I have encountered. I am constantly inspired by him and motivated to enhance my own life long learning goals.

John knows how to lead, motivate and inspire everyone he touches. He would be an asset to any team or leadership program. If you want to discuss John in further detail, please feel to reach out to me."
MJ Shalaby
Franchisee, Shoneys
Atlanta, GA

"One of the most amazing traits about Angelique in her coaching was her attitude of giving. Always making time for me and my team. Always making sure she was with us, and there for us for follow ups and anything else we needed. Her focus was on OUR growth and OUR results. She was able to break things down so we could understand them and the reason behind the subject matter. Her ability to relate what she is coaching to real life examples makes it simple to digest and apply. My business and my life are enriched by knowing her, and I am very grateful to have her in my life."

Jay Shepard
Research Associate, Institute for Defense Analysis
Bristow, VA

"Angelique was one of the first coaches in this business that I had been introduced to. And I have to say, out of all of the coaches I have worked with, she really helped me move the furthest, the fastest. It's not only that she knows the subject matter, she also knows where you are at and helps guide you to where you need to be. So, as my business is starting to take off now, I want to thank you Angelique for helping me get started!"

Johnny Atilano
Account Executive, Internet Brands
Camarillo, CA

"One word to describe Angelique's professional coaching = “outstanding”. When I first spoke with Angelique, I have to confess, I was a little worried, as I felt "how could someone teach me something new". Boy was I wrong, Angelique's expertise, background, knowledge & humor made her style of coaching one of a kind! I was very impressed with Angelique's coaching and the way she has opened my eyes to online marketing and doing business a completely different way! If I had one wish, it would to be to continue to have Angelique as my personal coach to guide me along, then again, who wouldn’t want that?"
stock-4Kristin Wing
Marketing Coordinator at Mize Houser & Company P.A.
Kansas City, MO

"John Hatfield worked with me at GreekGab, a consulting firm that provided leadership and workshops for fraternity and sorority students on leadership. I've rarely worked with a colleague like John who is so authentic, so giving and has incredible interpersonal skills. I've watched him mentor young people who are struggling, bring audience members to their feet for standing ovations when he speaks and very tenderly talk with (not at) someone who is really struggling. His heart and his passion are razor sharp focused on leadership. That's what John is all about....and that's what he can bring to your company."
Mary Czarnecki
Co-Owner, The Barlow Room
Dayton, OR

"Angelique is such a great coach… Just what I was looking for: thorough, organized, encouraging, and always puts a smile on my face! She's got the great ability to breakdown complex systems into straightforward, simple steps that I can follow to achieve success."

Donna Fletcher
Business Owner
Addingham, West Yorkshire, UK

"I starting working directly with Angelique a few months ago now I am really impressed with her level of leadership and integrity. I feel I have progressed so much working alongside Angelique and I value her input towards my future business development. Thank You Angelique for showing me how to really get going!"

Karey Carbaugh
IT @ Front Range Community College
Longmont, CO

"I have had the privilege of working with Angelique for the past 6 months. Her coaching and leadership skills are exceptional! Her knowledge of business, flair for design and understanding of others' interests and strengths are just a few of her professional qualities. Also among her strong skills as a coach is the ability to recognize when to nudge her students and when to exhibit patience and understanding with life's challenges that can get in the way when building a business.
These are only a few of the highlights of Angelique's strengths. In short, I cannot say enough positive things about how she has helped to push my business to the next level. I highly recommend Angelique and am looking forward to my continued work with her!"

stock-4Patrick O'Connor
Student at University of Kansas School of Medicine
Kansas City, MO

"I first met John Hatfield when I joined Beta Sigma Psi National Lutheran Fraternity at the Kansas State University chapter during my freshman year of undergraduate studies. John was the Leadership Director at the time. During my first year of associate membership of the fraternity before becoming a senior member, I routinely sought advice from John. As Leadership Director, John provided my fellow naïve fraternity members and I with much needed development in terms of leadership, balancing school and extracurricular activities, and emotional wellbeing.

A large part of the instruction we received was during special meetings our membership would have with John. He employed several tactics to help us become comfortable discussing our fraternity’s problems in a constructive and positive way. He taught us how to recruit new members by showing them exactly what Beta Sigma Psi stands for. He helped motivate our members to get involved on campus. He even helped us grieve- as a leader and a friend- when one of our members passed away.

As I progressed through my undergraduate years, I also progressed in my position in the fraternity. My junior year, I was elected president of the fraternity. Throughout my term as president, I met with John regularly to seek advice and council in motivating people. During one particularly difficult semester as president, I frequently harped on some advice John gave me: to quit trying to push my fellow members from behind to motivate them, and try leading from the front. “After all,” he said, “you can’t push a chain and expect it to go anywhere. You have to pull it.”

Since John joined Beta Sigma Psi as the Leadership Director, the Kansas State chapter alone has grown from 8 members to over 50, improved grades from the bottom handful of fraternities to the top third of all fraternities, expanded our social and philanthropic activities on and off campus, established a new scholarship through the K-State Foundation, won 3 Beta Sigma Psi National Fraternity awards, and helped re-establish a new fraternity chapter at the University of Kansas. His accomplishments at other chapters of our National Fraternity are just as impressive, and there is no way Beta Sigma Psi could be what it is today without John’s guidance."
Tracey Stephens
Headteacher at Cathays High School
Newport, UK

"I agree with the other reviewers here. Angelique is an excellent coach. She has a lovely bubbly personality that really motivates you to want to reach your goals. I would definitely recommend her to push you to the next stage in your life or business goals."

Sandi Hammons
Former First Officer at Comair Delta Connection
Burlington, KY

"I have only been a business owner for 2 years. However, coming from a very different background as a retired airline pilot for 29 years, getting into the business world was a big change for me & my husband. Learning how to market ourselves, and generate leads, getting introduced to the business world, and getting out and actually following up with customers was huge for us and we needed a bit of help. We enrolled in a program and were assigned a wonderful coach, Angelique who was much younger than us, and when you are double nickels at this age and your starting a new career, it's interesting because you haven't picked up on all of the technology skills. Angelique was with us and held our hand for 12 weeks, we had a MAC, she had a PC, we had different challenges, and I thought sometimes "I don't even know what you are talking about", knew nothing about Facebook, and she walked us through everything. She was extremely patient with us, she held our hand, but she also held us accountable, to making sure we did the work we were needing to do and get the results that we needed.

So I highly encourage anyone to work with Angelique. She's an awesome coach, and she has done a lot for my husband and myself."

Kim Martin
Secretary, Executive Board
Silicon Valley Africa Developments, Inc.
San Jose, CA

"Working with Angelique is truly a pleasure! She is a knowledgeable, committed, invested leader. Her management experience and programs on culture are a value-add for any size business. She brings a wealth of capabilities that can propel any individual, team or organization to success. When you want to win the game, you need a winning team. Any team that includes Angelique is sure to be a winning team."

Janelle Grimm
Accounts Executive, Seraphim Software
Pottstown, PA

"Angelique is an amazing coach and business mentor! She has a natural leadership ability and helps you to really see the "Big picture" but also helps put together smaller actionable steps to help you get there. She is by far one of BEST coaches I have ever had the privilege and pleasure of working with!"

Laurie Timmons
Owner @ Orphans Lifeline International & Founder @ HopeArt Inc.
Kalispell, MT

"As a marketing and business leadership peer, I am honored to be professionally connected to Angelique. We have worked together in a couple of different venues and I know her first hand to be, committed, informative and fun. Her leadership skills and business coaching is sure to bring value to anyone seeking to grow their business.!"

Cristina Lunnen
Charleston, SC

"I have had the privilege of being personally coached by Angelique and can truly say she is a great teacher and leader. She works very hard at what she does and has a passion for helping others succeed. Her training brings great value as she takes the time to teach step-by-step the skills needed to accomplish your goals."

Justine Cécile Lomax
Professional Health Coach
Pacific Grove, CA

"When I started working with Angelique, I was looking for support in launching my business. I had some early success, but things started to stagnate for me and I needed a fresh direction. I knew that the best way for me to leverage my time and help more people was to go online, but the process of marketing felt daunting.

Angelique was able to hold my hand throughout the entire process when I needed it and let me fly on my own when I felt comfortable. She helped me develop a plan and walked me through implementation of all of the technical and creative pieces including landing pages, sending out emails, and learning how to research, test and tweak marketing strategies.

Aside from this particular program, I have to admit that I am generally overwhelmed with online marketing. Angelique helped me prioritize where to focus my attention. I have been able to rely on her to help me with list building, managing my social media presence, building a social media presence, and how to make contact and follow up with prospects. What a relief that I don’t have to do this all on my own!

Simply put, I love working with Angelique."
Anthony Anderson
Business Owner
Atlanta, GA

"I strongly recommend Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier for any task that requires quick thinking, great organization skills, building a sustainable business, and a pleasant demeanor when working with people. I had the pleasure of being one of Angelique's mentee when she served as a coach and business leader for a business we were building. She juggled literally hundreds of accounts for several representatives, making their business easier and by extension, helping our team increase in sales. While working with Angelique, she implemented new ideas that resulted in a much smoother process from leads to sales.

Angelique was efficient and effective in her professional role as a leader and coach. Anyone who works directly with Angelique will see the results in expanding their business. Angelique is one of the best coaches out their and I'm grateful to have worked with her and I believe you will be grateful too.."

Loui Ebeling
Business Owner
Appleton, WI

"Angelique is such an amazing coach! With her expertise, I was able to succeed way above others by using her training. She made everything easy to understand and is very patient. If you want to learn from someone who gets it, choose Angelique. She understands all the challenges, because she's been there and helps you find solutions and eliminates the trial and error. Not sure where I would be without her help - thank you, Angelique!"

Chantelle Turner
Sales Manager, PSAV
Phoenix, AZ

"Angelique is an amazing coach! I was able to skyrocket above others with her training. She made everything easy to understand and is always strait forward. Anytime I have had questions, Angelique has always responded to me quickly with an answer. If you are looking to have more success in your business than you want to learn from someone who has been in the trenches too and get it! That's Angelique. She understands all the challenges and helps you find solutions!"
Candy Palmer
Business Owner
Bradenton, FL

"Angelique is the real thing. Her honesty and integrity shows in everything she does. Her guidance has enabled me to grow my business. Angelique listens and then helps you find the solutions that will work for you."

Vikki Klein
Account Manager - SEA - Software Engineering of America
Sparks, NV

"Angelique is a great coach who leads by example and is willing to share her knowledge and skills to help you build your business."

Chris Walling
Roofing Contractor Owner
Port Charlotte, FL

"What I really want to say to everyone out there is that I have spent a few months with Angelique Vuilleumier as my coach. WOW is really the only word for it. She was always on target with her guidance and teachings. She also was very flexible as my schedule was crazy. Beside the fact that she is a fun and easy person to talk too, the most important thing was she showed me things I had never considered for my business, and gave me ways to implement those things. Thank you Angelique....."

Greg Gomez III
Owner, Fast Start Marketer
Phoenix, AZ

"Angelique is BRILLIANT! Working with her has been a pleasure and I HIGHLY recommend her and her company to anyone looking to take their business and business culture to the highest levels..."
Mayra Hoy
Zumba Instructor
Pittsburgh, PA

"If you are looking for step-by-step instruction for building a successful business, Angelique is an awesome coach! Very clear, concise, patient, a wonderful problem solver, and loves what she does, which means she's happy and great to work with! She has lots of experience and always willing to share that with her students. Out of all the coaches I've had, she is, hands down, the absolute best. I've gotten more success out of her coaching than any other. She is the bridge between me and the success that was waiting for me."

Tika Kolumban
Marketing Research - Account Management - Digital Strategist
Auckland, New Zealand

"I had the chance to work with Angelique Vuilleumier and she was fantastic to work with. She helped to coach me through some business issues. Not only did she coach me through what I needed, but she added so many other valuable insights to my management and leadership skills. She even showed me how to maximize and grow my business!

I enjoyed working with Angelique because she was professional, honest, and worked with integrity. She never buffered the situation or sugar-coated anything. I would recommend her to coach any executive in any industry. She is one to trust!"

Ernesto Larios Leon
General Director, Sinergia Biomédica Hospitalaria S.A. de C.V.
Mexico City, Mexico

"I have the pleasure to have work with Angelique and she is a honest, professional passionate and hard working person. She brought great value on our business relation with her expertise in international business. She is a great leader with so much experience."
Christine Blacker
Small Business Owner
Canberra, Australia

“I had Angelique as my business coach for over 6 months. During this time, Angelique showed me a lot of patience in the way she coached me. Angelique explained everything I needed to know in great detail. I think Angelique went beyond her duty as my coach. I could not recommend a better business coach for anyone looking for a coach.”


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