I built this critical leadership development program to take any employee or leader to a NEW LEVEL of thinking.  Leaders today concentrate on what I call “One Side of the Bridge” and that is tasks, processes, results.  WRONG – and this is what other leaders are mentoring/coaching in the workplace today if they are mentoring/coaching at all!

I continue to see this pattern over-and-over again even though I learn in college that you focus on “People, Process, and Technology”.  Where did the “People” part fall off the bus?  Well, sorry to tell you, just like you can’t make a sale without a people connection, you can’t drive a team to results without a people connection.  That is what this program teaches you, how to build a culture and employee engagement within a team, department, and organization.  ONLY PROGRAM out there of its kind!


Creating & Connecting Organization Culture Development
With Our BEST SELLING Product!

Why Don't Yourself the Chance to Thrive?

How happy are you with your organization’s progress so far?
Surely, you have come a long way but there might be something missing that holds you back on achieving the progress you deserve.

That something is the very “culture” you have.

“What exactly is culture and how it can help my organization thrive?”

Culture is how well connected and in line are your processes and systems with the vision you have set.
Given that you have a clear vision, then everything that happens inside your organization must bring you a step closer to it.

Just imagine how easier the life inside your organization will become when you develop the right culture:

• no second-guessing of tasks
• happy, productive employees
• no time wasted on insignificant processes
• exponential growth, in line with the vision
• attraction and retention of the best talents in your industry

The above are only a small list of what will happen when your new culture gets created and implemented.

"How do I create a culture or improve the existing one? It sounds too complicated!”

Finding or even improving your culture can be very hard, in part because most people
aren’t even aware of this essential aspect of organizations.

You had a basic idea of where you wanted to go and what needed to be done for that goal,
but you never sat down to actually see if everything clicks together.

Even if you sat down, you are not sure where to start. Your vision? Your processes? Your people?
There is no clear roadmap that takes you from A to B.

There is no bridge between what you do and where you want to go.

That is why “The Bridge” program was developed.

"What is The Bridge Leadership Development Program and how specifically can it help me and my organization?"

The Bridge is the brainchild of Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier, a healthcare supply chain professional solely dedicated to help employees and leaders achieve their dreams of advancement.

It is an 8-week online training program taking you from the task driving leader to the leader who understands what it takes to build a team and maintain it years into the future.

More specifically, here is what you will learn to do inside the course:

***Establishing the right mindset. Everything starts from what your mind perceives as important.
You will make sure to have a clear image on what you can control from now on.

**Identifying desired behaviors. What must you do? What must your team do? Set the needed behaviors
for achieving your goals, without second guessing anything.

***Create your vision. You say you already have a vision? Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 times, the vision is clouded
and you only have a generic idea where you are heading to. If you ask your team what’s your organization’s vision,
you will most likely face varying opinions. Now you get a chance to make it as precise as you have to.

***Define roles for everyone. No matter if there is one or if there are a thousand people inside your organization,
you will give concise roles to every single one of them. The role must be aligned with your vision
and the vision must help them feel inspired.

***Management and Role Modeling. Leadership is one of the greatest qualities a person can have.
The good news is that in “The Bridge” you learn how to give the necessary tools
to achieve leadership skills while clarifying the importance of working as a team.

***Fitting the new culture to what you already do. Change can be scary sometimes and the idea
of changing the processes and the vision you have gotten used to is not the most pleasant one.
You will see how to make the transition from old to new as effortlessly as possible,
without having to change many things.

***Engaging everyone inside the organization. Now you can make sure your culture is up and running
everywhere in your organization. You shall take care of small details that hold progress back
and then you have reached the final stage.

***Branding the new culture. Finally, you will make your culture and your vision known to the world so
that prospects and talents interested in cooperating with you can take notice.


I Built The Bridge Leadership Development for Any Professional!
You can't get this in College!

TOTAL VALUE: $43,500+ for $6926

Coaching Is My Passion

For Years, I have been a mentor and role model to hundreds of employees and management teams from small to large healthcare organizations.

Now I have created my best selling leadership development program “The Bridge,” an 8-Week course designed for leaders and employees alike to learn all necessary techniques to become a VERY successful leader in healthcare supply chain.

This program I have put together will take any employee and help them understand the concept of connecting company culture to the day-to-day activity of their jobs. It will also innovate any manager or leader to look at their current team, project or process and truly call for change. This will help you get your journey started on the right foot!

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