I was like you at one point of my life, I was ambitious, I was smart, I had skills, I had heart, I was compassionate, and I was hungry.  I knew that people were not going to do things FOR me and I had to go get it done.  I wasn’t lazy, I didn’t know where to find it.  I wanted to grow, advance steadily in my career, and I needed help to do it.  I had some great mentors in my life. 

GREAT MENTORS/COACHES are scarce today.  I know this because they are dwindling in the workplace before my eyes.  I KNOW it is my God given gift, talent and skill to be there for others, and it is my mission to help as many as possible.

I am Angelique Weiley Vuilleumier, a passionate entrepreneur focused on helping others reach their fullest potential in business. With a background of public speaking, coaching, and training/motivating hundreds of employees, I have always been a trusted leader in the healthcare supply chain & business arena for 25 years.

After attending UW Madison, WI for 3 years, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kaplan University to fast track my graduation in 1998 while working at a large medical supply company in Madison, WI. I then continued on my education by receiving Executive Certificates in supply chain management, leadership development, purchasing, transportation management & contract negotiations from UW Madison, WI. From there, I moved to Chicagoland area, IL where I worked for 2 more of the world’s largest medical supply companies as International Operation Manager for each.  At this time, I started several legal entities and distribution centers around the world for both companies.

After traveling the world for business, in April 2010 I moved to Seattle, WA to take a position with the country’s 5th largest health system to build their first medical supply distribution center as their Director of Operations. This distribution center was one of the 1st of its kind and revolutionized healthcare by cutting out middle man costs which meant direct savings to the patient.  I then worked for a 27 hospital system in Chicago, a 10 hospital system in Maryland, and a 7 hospital system in Portland, OR.  I believe I have always stayed true to the patient care model through these years in healthcare. 

After receiving several awards, holding seats on several community boards, and building a state of the art facility…I knew I was ready to keep moving forward in my career. The chance came to make a difference when my mentor at this Catholic Health System said to me “Make sure you are here because it is truly your calling, in your heart, not your head.” I felt it necessary to start my own business and started consulting for professionals and corporations in June of 2014. Along with this, my continuing education in the field of branding, marketing and sales has taken me to new heights including coaching students in this new arena, being a mental toughness, emotional intelligence, & mindset trainer for “The Mental Toughness Gym”, and being VP of Operations for the Extraordinary Society.

My main focus in leadership and culture development is like nothing else in the industry. Understanding that “culture is your brand” is my true calling and expertise. Not only do I understand all facets of business inside and out, but I understand how to tie that with your culture. As well as process flow and the operations of a business, I know how to intertwine employee engagement into this. This is a skill very difficult to find. Let me take you & your business to a new level. I can’t wait to get to know you and chat!

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon with amazing son Benjamin and incredible boyfriend Ante.  We love gardening, hiking for waterfalls, European soccer, food, and traveling!


My Vision is to shape the future for organizations and individuals worldwide by providing a bridge over the gap, that connects and creates sustainable transformation, so that this world is a better place to work and be.


  • Integrity – I conduct myself professionally, faithfully, honestly, respectfully, and with humility and trustworthiness in all circumstances.
  • Excellence – I deliver quality and results in my commitment, teaching, and service through innovation, creativity, accountability, responsibility, passion, and perseverance while sharing my stories and using a variety of learning styles as my brand.
  • Unity – I stand with an identity of oneness, harmony, and love; while embracing diversity and connecting with everyone through vulnerability, transparency, and humility; walking shoulder-to-shoulder on our journeys.
  • Inspiration – I contribute consistent, positive, and reflective feedback and value to all; as a lifetime learner who are constantly thinking, researching, reading, assessing, listening and reflecting on culture, leadership, transformation, change, strategy, and sustainability.
  • Generosity – I have been given so much and embrace a giving spirit and mindset; I am involved in my community volunteering and through stewardship, give back financially.


My Mission is to inspire lifelong learning by providing the best innovative, unique, educational experiences and strategies through mentoring, coaching and empowering relationships; that change the way the world views transformational success.



I Built The Bridge Leadership Development for Any Professional!
You can't get this in College!

TOTAL VALUE: $43,500+

Coaching Is My Passion

For Years, I have been a mentor and role model to hundreds of employees and management teams from small to large healthcare organizations.

Now I have created my best selling leadership development program “The Bridge,” an 8-Week course designed for leaders and employees alike to learn all necessary techniques to become a VERY successful leader in healthcare supply chain.

This program I have put together will take any employee and help them understand the concept of connecting company culture to the day-to-day activity of their jobs. It will also innovate any manager or leader to look at their current team, project or process and truly call for change. This will help you get your journey started on the right foot!


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