Employee Disengagement costs Billions!

Employee disengagement costs more than $500 billion each year to the US economy. (Source: https://Officevibe.com)

Yes, you read it correctly, $500 billion dollars because employees are disengaged!

Disengagement involves detachment. Employees are detached from the vision and purpose of the company, from the values, their work team, fellow employees, and their specific contribution. This disengagement means they don’t care, are not loyal, lack focus, un-motived, dispense negative energy, lack comradery, lack commitment, are careless about their assignments, have poor performance, won’t sacrifice, and are not aligned. Additionally, retention is horrific in creating disequilibrium within the company or organization.

WHY is this happening within a company or organization? What is causing this?

The skinny… the wrong culture is causing this and leadership is blind to this major dynamic for success.


What “MATTERS” to employees is important in the context of delivering their best work. Organizations must understand and be able to identify what a good and bad culture look like.

Culture is the values, norms, rituals, language, and accepted, as well as unaccepted behaviors.

The wrong culture costs organizations a lot of money and WILL run an organization into the ground.


  • Organizations need to understand culture and know how to change the culture that is destroying the organization.
  • Doing a cost analysis on the value of hiring culture experts vs. maintaining the status quo and losing thousands or millions of dollars in profits, would be wise.


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