What is Your Culture?

The reason that I built The Bridge Venture consulting firm was because I saw a gross need for culture development inside organizations today.  Organizations and their executive leaders may not even realize what their culture is inside of their organization. Culture will develop itself on its own, whether good or bad.  It actually is developing … Read more

The Importance of Culture Inside an Organization

The largest gap in any organization today is understanding the connection between how one’s actions, tasks, and processes affect others within the organization. In fact, people enter into an organization only worried about their direct functions and processes. They do this because they want to perform at their optimal level to prove themselves. It is … Read more

Our Panic Button

We all have been there…sweaty palms, feeling of anxiety, up all night feeling. It is common, every single person on this Earth has felt this feeling. What is it that keeps you up at night? Do you know what your trigger points of stress and panic are? For me, I would say that finances are … Read more

One Bad Apple Out of the Bunch!

How do you be the best role model for your team? From there, how do you expect your management team to be the best role models for their teams? And then so on and so forth down the line? These are the hottest buttons when I am talking about transforming your culture with my training … Read more

Let’s Rebuild Your Culture!

I always say that Culture is the least expensive way to attract the industry’s top talent into your organization. It goes without saying that culture will develop itself inside any organization whether good or bad. Actually, your culture is developing itself right now as you are reading this article! I challenge you to sit back … Read more


A WORK CULTURE OF INCIVILITY HAS A HIGH PRICE FINANCIALLY INCIVILITY is rude, disrespectful, boorish behavior or unsociable speech. AKA…employees or bosses who BULLY through insulting, blaming, and belittling in front of other team members or customers, abusive screaming speech, lateral destructive conversation, slander, gossip, exclusion, rejection, mocking, putdowns, public shaming, breaking confidences, numerous forms … Read more

Engaging Employees After a Long Holiday Weekend!

It is tough – just plain tough… Engaging an employee after a long holiday weekend is tough.  Employees are depressed, sluggish, and of course – UNPRODUCTIVE! You will hear complaints, employees gathering around chatting about holiday plans, and not able to get back into the swing of things in their offices.  They dread the first … Read more