How to Attract Top Talent with a SEXY Brand

Let’s face it, business, in general, is not sexy, unless you are Victoria Secret.

I am not going to sit here and judge your brand and your organization, but I do know that if your employee turnover rate is high (and contributes to the industry stats of 16.7% in all industries for 2015**), your business is definitely not in the sexy category.

All of those marketing and PR gurus out there try to paint the most beautiful picture of your organization in marketing materials and around your product/service.  That is outstanding and I commend their efforts.  BUT, does your culture, strategy, and vision support this “Amazing Picture” being painted?  See you can have the most incredible product/service on the planet, but if the inside GUTS of your organization are ugly, not aligned, and non-functional, you may as well burn the place down.

Let’s think about what is included in these “guts” of your brand.

Story/Narration/Legacy of the organization

The place itself and the aesthetics of it

The people (especially the leaders)

The Mission

The Vision

Task & Process Driven (systems & technology, goals & outcomes, measurable data & metrics, controls & compliance, strategies & principles, processes, practices, and procedures)

Behavior & Emotion Driven (attitudes, behaviors & actions, relationships, communication, training & development, reinforcement & promotion, leadership & empowerment, and core values & ethics)

Alignment of everything to Service & Delivery

If you don’t know all of the pieces of this puzzle inside your organization, I would suggest that you write it out.

People and TOP TALENT are attracted to many pieces of this puzzle.  For example, they get excited about your story and legacy because they know they are working for a purpose.  They are attracted to the place and the aesthetics (does it look and smell like a 60’s office or is it hip, new & modern?)

Your “offer” to a new employee is the ENTIRE package deal.  People don’t usually leave because of money (statistics say they usually leave because of a boss).  So you are wondering now “Why can’t we attract top talent?”  When was the last time you looked at your entire package or “cultural brand?”

In fact, take a step back, look at your list and ask yourself, would you want to work here?  For some reason, the West Coast is booming with organizations that just “Get” their cultural brand.  Wondering when the rest of the country and world will climb on board.  I challenge you…to challenge me on that statement.  I would love to see your organization’s culture brand drawing!


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