One Bad Apple Out of the Bunch!

How do you be the best role model for your team? From there, how do you expect your management team to be the best role models for their teams? And then so on and so forth down the line?

These are the hottest buttons when I am talking about transforming your culture with my training program “The Bridge.” The reason I say that is because one bad apple who is not willing to get on board with the new curriculum and the new way of living your new culture, is going to destroy your changes and your transformation of your organization. One of the largest issues I see today in society is entitlement. Many people in today’s society feel entitled to everything. A sure sign is someone that has a management title in an organization and then feels entitled to throw it around.

“Well I am a manager, I don’t have to do that, or you have to listen to me.” Or “I am your boss, and you will do what I say you will do.” Be careful about entitlement in your ranks. Watch out for it. If someone isn’t at the organization because it is their true calling or they truly and compassionately are interested in the organization, they need to be managed out of the organization. These issues are STRICT and SERIOUS.

We must have a strategy to combat, prevent, and not ignore someone who has an attitude of entitlement, or any other position for that matter. Attitudes and negative behavior in an organization can spread like wildfire.

Just like in high school, negativity can spread through the gossip and rumor mill fast. As quickly as negativity spreads through an organization, it takes weeks to correct it.Getting a handle on an attitude problem in one employee can cost an organization thousands of dollars too. Productivity levels decline, and efficiency in work performance goes down because of low morale. Who is ready to spend this kind of money dealing with this issue?
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~ Angelique

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