Five Reasons Emotional Intelligent Leaders Increase Financial Success!

You may be aware of the term Emotional Intelligence but are you aware of what it entails?

Why is there a correlation between Emotional Intelligent leaders and increased profits?

Have you ever taken an Emotional Intelligence instrument to understand this dynamic in your leadership, your leaders, and your company or organization culture?

Is your HR department equipped in Emotional Intelligent principles?

Are you keen on how Emotional Intelligence influences culture?

Emotional Intelligence skills according to Daniel Goleman (an author, psychologist, and science journalist. For twelve years, he wrote for The New York Times, reporting on the brain and behavioral sciences.) are:

  • Self-awareness- knowing one’s strengths, weakness, drives, values, and impact on others.
  • Self-regulation-controlling or redirecting disruptive impulses and moods.
  • Motivation-relishing achievement for its own sake.
  • Empathy-understanding other people’s emotional makeup.
  • Social skill-building rapport with others to move them in desired directions.

In a1996 study, researcher David McClelland (an American psychologist, noted for his work on motivation Need Theory.) discovered when leaders were high in Emotional Intelligence qualities their circle of employees outperformed yearly earning by 20%!

On the other hand, those with low Emotional Intelligence qualities underperformed around the same percentage.

Reason #1 Emotional Intelligent Leaders Increase Financial Success


Leaders must know and understand themselves. They must be honest and secure with how they are designed and their contribution. Leaders must spend the time to identify their values that affect their decision-making, their strengths, being in-tune with their emotions, what drives them to succeed, their goals, and the self awareness of how their life impacts others. This emotionally intelligent leader knows how to attract and equip the right talent for the company.  This creates a culture of loyalty, sacrifice, energy, and commitment. Know thyself is foundational for understanding others and self-stability and security creating a culture for employees to be honest with their own design and contribution.

Reason #2 Emotional Intelligent Leaders Increase Financial Success


Company culture of trust, respect, and positive relating are the result of leaders who are able to control and channel their emotions and energy in cocksure ways. Leaders with high emotional intelligence are in tune with how they are feeling and have learned how to bridle and master their emotions.

Un-controlled, un-filtered, angry, negative words and emotions never exemplify quality leadership and certainly not a culture employees will thrive and bring company success. Un-controlled, un-filtered, angry, negative words and emotions create a culture that abuses power, dismantles honestly, promotes hiding and secrets, allows bullying, and fosters fear among employees. It also reproduces itself as employees start to mimic the leaders dysfunction and then a culture is established. Financial success can never grow in this culture, as well as employee retention and satisfaction.

Reason #3 Emotional Intelligent Leaders Increase Financial Success


There is an important difference between a leader who is intrinsically motived to achieve and those who are externally motivated to achieve. Passion and a desire to achieve, doing it better is the cloth of intrinsic motivated leaders. Leaders who possess this unknowingly influence those they lead to join them and accomplish the unexpected.  This synergy is rewarding and fulfilling to everyone as they go above and beyond the goals that were set. These leaders many times are motivated by a challenge and garner optimism to win. These leaders often build teams around them with the same qualities and accomplish company goals and find unique solutions rising above expectations! Optimism, commitment, abounding energy, and passion are the right spark for a company culture that produces financial success.

Reason #4 Emotional Intelligent Leaders Increase Financial Success


Empathy involves the ability to put oneself into another’s situation, feeling their pain. When employees sense they are listened to and emotionally understood in decisions that are being made they feel valued and respected. Leaders must emotionally understand every team member on their team. This is significant when needing to bring a team together especially when heated discussion and highly important decisions are being made as a team. When a team is diverse or dealing with global decisions empathy is paramount for success. Of course those who mentor succeed with this quality and empathy is key in retaining talented employees and creating cross-culture sensitivity.

Reason #5 Emotional Intelligent Leaders Increase Financial Success

Social skill

Leaders must understand the power of how to work together with others and those who are masters at social skills create a successful culture. Of course leaders’ effectiveness in leading change will be correlated to his/her social intelligence in understanding and relating with others. Successful leaders understand people and how to manage them moving everyone toward success. They understand more is accomplished together than alone, that we need each other’s gifts for success. Socially skilled leaders have gifts of persuasion, values others strengths, and contributions, are strong networkers and great at leading a new change that must occur. Successful culture must have leaders who are keen in social skills harnessing its power for financial success!

Many believe that success is dependent of IQ, the higher the IQ the more successful. But research has proven this untrue. Success is strongly related to Emotional Intelligence. IQ is set, but Emotional Intelligence can be learned and developed. The best leaders understand Emotional Intelligence and have developed it because it is related to who they are and how they relate with people. A missed component of financial success is the Emotional Intelligence dynamic. The Bridge Venture can help you increase profits and create Emotional Intelligence with your leaders and in your culture.


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