Are Your Employees Valued?


Only 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work. (source:

79% of employees do not feel their contribution to their organization is valued. That’s a staggering percent of disenchanted employees. When an employee doesn’t feel valued they are less engaged in the vision and mission of the organization. Their attitude becomes sour and their work complacent. Loyalty and contribution are significantly low affecting retention.

The skinny…employees don’t care about their specific job or the organization because they don’t sense the organization cares about them. Obviously, these organizations do not understand CULTURE.

“Corporate culture is the product of a company’s values, expectations, and environment.”
Courtney Chapman, Product Manager, Rubicon Project

If only 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work, wisdom says you have a wrong environment in place. Culture is definitely not understood and how paramount it is to employee contribution. Culture is the values, norms, beliefs, and behaviors. Valuing and respecting employees should be at the top of the list in creating a dynamic sustainable culture.


1) Have or hire a cultural expert to come in and assess employees on why they do not feel valued and what would it look like for them to be valued.
2) The organization needs to either identify their guiding values, learn how to engage their guiding values, or both.

Just some thoughts as you are working on starting your own businesses – CULTURE matters!  Let me know if you want to discuss this more!

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