Be the Best You

This year I want to challenge everyone to be the best “You” that you can be. This year will be your breakthrough year. Want to know why? Because there is no time like the present to do something about yourself.

I always say that your maker didn’t put you on this Earth to just do the same thing day in and day out. Your creator didn’t create you to be anything put extraordinary in your life. Your creator wants you to better yourself constantly and change year-to-year. Not stay the same year after year. Be better and better and better!

So, as you all know I am a business consultant. I am here to help and challenge any employee, business, entrepreneur and anyone out there that just wants to do better in their life – DO IT!
The average employee sitting at a desk nowadays is missing some simple thoughts within their mind. 1) How does my job affect others in this company? 2) How do my coworkers and the other departments in this company change my job?

The problem with not thinking about the broad spectrum of business around you in that chair is detrimental to your success as an employee. Whether you are a manager, an employee, or business owner – not understanding the essential fundamentals of connection, or “the bridge” I call it, will not allow you to grow in your career.

Think about how customer service connects not only forward to shipping a client order and tracking it, but then backwards to how someone procured that item, stocked it, and then someone pays the bill for it and budgets the financials. From there, an attorney is doing the contract negotiations for the transportation, and the product buys from the vendor. Then there is a CEO managing all of the moving parts in each department from finance, risk management, R&D, procurement and inventory management to customer service, supply chain, operations, and transportation management. So many pieces of an intricate puzzle.

Now sit and say “Do I even care?” Well if you don’t understand how it all intertwines and how you affect it all – you don’t care about business or your growth. For me, it was the thought that catapulted me to promotions and advancement in my career and mentally. Trust me, you will too.
Here is the breakthrough moment, where we as leaders take this concept and break through all walls that stand in our way. Where the others that are not ready hit the wall and then bounce off of it. Take the steps with me, understand “the bridge”. I am prepared to take you on that challenge if you are. Contact me today to get started!

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