Employee Disengagement costs Billions!

Employee disengagement costs more than $500 billion each year to the US economy. (Source: https://Officevibe.com) Yes, you read it correctly, $500 billion dollars because employees are disengaged! Disengagement involves detachment. Employees are detached from the vision and purpose of the company, from the values, their work team, fellow employees, and their specific contribution. This disengagement … Read more

Corporate Culture Matters

86% of businesses & HR leaders believe they don’t have a good leadership development path (Source: Officevibe) “Everything Rises and Falls Based Upon Leadership” Only 14% of HR leaders, who are responsible for leadership development, believe their plan is good. That’s a staggering figure in the industry and it speaks directly to the concept of … Read more

Are Your Employees Valued?

DID YOU KNOW? Only 21% of employees feel strongly valued at work. (source: https://www.tinypulse.com/blog/four-ways-companies-make-their-employee-recognition) 79% of employees do not feel their contribution to their organization is valued. That’s a staggering percent of disenchanted employees. When an employee doesn’t feel valued they are less engaged in the vision and mission of the organization. Their attitude becomes … Read more

Be the Best You

This year I want to challenge everyone to be the best “You” that you can be. This year will be your breakthrough year. Want to know why? Because there is no time like the present to do something about yourself. I always say that your maker didn’t put you on this Earth to just do … Read more